Grooming Travel Set

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The Merkur 23C Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor (or Merkur 180) is one of Merkur's most favored safety razors.

It has the classic head which allows for a close shave without being overly aggressive and an extra long handle for easy grip.

The original double edge safety razors from Merkur have earned respect and gratitude from men all over the world for the high quality.


The Dovo Nose Hair Scissors safely and gently trim unwanted nose and ear hair. The 4 inch stainless steal scissors come with straight blades

and rounded-tips to protect the delicate inner surfaces from injury. Can also be used to trim stray beard and moustache hairs.  


Merkur Super Platinum Blades will fit all traditional double edge razors. Each pack contains 10 rust resistant high-carbon stainless

steel blades and feature a platinum coating for enhanced comfort. Each blade is individually paraffin wrapped and contained in a

convenient 10 pack dispenser.


Combination Moustache Brush/Comb Perfect for keeping your beard or moustache well groomed and in top shape.



  • Material composition: stainless steel and leather case
  • Care instructions: When not in use for longer periods, it is recommended that the scissor blades be rubbed with light oil and stored in a dry, safe place.