Cut Throat Razor Instruction Sheet

The Razor
Flat Ground Razors – Mainly used in hairdressing shops for contour shave and cutting wet hair, very small razors of size 2/8” up to 4/8”. These blades can be used for shaving of young flat skin.

Half to Full Hollow Ground Razor – Preferably in the sizes of 4/8” up to 6/8”, can be used – thanks to their flexibility – for shaving cheeks, upper lip, chin & neck.

Caring for your Razor
Stainless steel and carbon steel razors need special treatment.

The same Straight razor cannot be used daily, but must have a 48 hour break between use, in order to restructure the fine and sensitive cutting edge.

For daily shaving with a straight razor, it is advised that a minimum of 2 razors is required, and used alternately.


All razors must be washed under hot and clear water after each use, and then completely dried.


Blade must be wiped clean after touched by fingers.

If you do not intend to use the razor for more than 3 days, then it is recommended to entirely cover the surface with oil.

(Sewing machine, gun oil or Vaseline can be used)

Also, the razor must not be stored in a humid place. (bathrooms are generally humid and therefore unsuitable for storage of a straight razor)

When opening and closing the razor, the cutting edge must not touch the handle. This may cause damage to blade.

The Blade and handle connection may loosen due to regular use. This is normal, but extra attention is required on opening and closing razor, in order to avoid damage to blade.

People, who often use razors know: the cutting edge is ‘growing’, meaning that the very fine burr on the cutting edge (which can be seen under a microscope) changes whenever the razor is used, but it finally goes back to its old position and will become very fine again. Nevertheless this burr will wear out after a certain period of time, hence the reason to leave the blade for 48 hours between use.

Razor Strops
All razors must be reconditioned by strop before each use.

The leather of the strop should be kept smooth/soft with the use of yellow/white paste.

Reconditioning of the blade before each use:

Blade should be placed flat on the leather surface of the suspended strop.

Move the blade in the direction of its back using slight pressure to keep the blade in contact with the leather surface. When changing the direction, the razor should be turned over the back and then again be moved in the direction of its back.


When reconditioning the razor over the cutting edge it will become round and blunt. It therefore will require sharpening.                                                                       

If razor becomes BLUNT:

The leather can be greased with a fine grinding paste (red paste), and for the polishing paste (black paste).

Razor should be ground or polished the same way as stropping.

This is not recommended for daily use, however if grinding is performed, the razor should shortly be sent to a professional sharpening service.

The Shave

Such a well-cared for razor can now be used together with shaving brush and shaving soap for a good razor shave.

When using a razor for the first time, you should start with the easy and soft parts of the face and should hold the opened razor with thumb and three fingers, so that the opened handle shows away from the face.

The smooth skin, which has been prepared with a good shaving soap, has to be stretched and then you should – with an angle of approximately 30 degrees – first shave down with the razor, and after this shave up. If you hold the razor too flat, it will tear the stubble. If you hold it too steep, it will cut the skin. Always shave in the direction of the cutting edge, never lateral. Always shave even and hold the razor more steep when shaving dimples and upper lip.


NO returns for credit of used/sold items for personal care.

Reclaim on manufacturers fault only.

Ask your local dealer to provide sharpening service when available.

Nicks or damage to blades:

These can be caused through accidental handling error and for usage for other than shaving purposes.

Should the razor have been damaged by falling to the ground, or when closing, it should not be used any longer (for danger to cutting yourself), stropping will do no good in this case.

In this case, send razor to professional sharpening service for evaluation.



This may appear when blade is not properly maintained as described above in care of the Razor.

If water or rust marks appear, Razor can be returned to manufacturer for re-polishing at the owner’s cost.

Small surface rust or mark will not interfere with the razor shaving correctly, unless rust is on the cutting edge.