25001 Open Comb Safety Razor

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The Merkur 25C Long Handle Safety Razor with Open Comb Baris an excellent razor for an experienced shaver. Extra-long, thin, non-slip,

etched cross hatch handle provides excellent grip and balance. Handcrafted handsome design will offer you years of superior shaves. Chrome finish.

The shaving heads of safety razors typically have a bar that keeps the blade slightly off your skin. Different bars affect the shaving experience.

This Merkur Long Handle Safety Razor comes with a bar type called "Open Comb" which is a small bar that resembles a comb with teeth. This comb

pattern is considered best for heavy and coarse beards and more experienced shavers. Beginners should probably start with a Safety Razor with a

Closed Comb Bar which is a smooth bar without indentations and considered less aggressive for shaving.

The Merkur Long Handle Safety Razor with Open Comb Bar accepts Merkur, Feather, Derby, & most standard double-edge razor blades.